Highly Dedicated
and Personal

Studio denim represents a unique breed of artist, one who’s unwavering passion & dedication to their craft is a rarity.

For Studio denim, Interior Design is far more than a project or a career – it’s an ever-evolving quest for crafting impeccable & immaculate synergies within spaces.

It’s the role that this effective design plays in transforming function, purpose & existence. Interiors that touch people in some way for the better.

The Collective

Amelia Heggie

Founder of Studio Denim

Studio Denim was founded in 2006 by Amelia Heggie following an 8 year career as an interior designer for Geronimo inns and Northacre property.

Amelia runs the studio, offering a highly dedicated and personal service.

Collaborating with creative makers and designers from all over to form unique teams inspired to deliver beautiful things.

The projects range from hand picked products to co-working spaces, luxury student living and private homes.


Studio Denim’s ethos enables us to ensure the perfect fit is always achieved. We deliver through our ability to listen, challenge and create the most rounded conceptual and final design that best represents the brief.

The understanding of the core values and principles of our client’s business is the key component within our design strategy. This quality will always ensure that every project undertaken is unique!

Amelia Heggie
Founder, Studio Denim

Charlotte Chappell

Art Consultant

Charlotte has worked in the art world for 14 years, this has included Thomas Gibson Fine Art, Sotheby’s and The Little Black Gallery. She is a regular at Art Fairs and gallery Private Views.

Photography and Contemporary Art, 1950s interiors, Marrakesh, New York architecture and street style are just a few topics that inspire her.

The Collection

A Dynamic & Collaborative
Environment of Artisans

Studio Denim continue to work along side formidable talent, from creative agencies to highly skilled carpenters. Our vision is to foster lasting relationships with creative folk to bring ambitious spaces to life.

Our interior design work is a collaborative process founded primarily in artisanship.


Branding Agency

Fable&Co bring ambitious brands to life, and breath valuable new life and purpose into existing ones.

Fable&Co’s philosophy has always been about providing an exceptional standard of work, delivered through a highly professional and committed service, enabling them to foster relationships that enjoy longevity.

Their modus operandi utilises a tried and tested procedure for each and every project, regardless of the industry sector for which they are designing.

This Could be the Start of Something Beautiful