Inshur Co-Working

The brief was to create a homely relaxed vibe to an existing office space. The client wanted to promote local artisans from Brighton without an obvious seaside theme.

Muted tones of blues, greens and off-whites have been used subtly throughout to evoke the ever changing Brighton sea. This has been paired with lots of textures and different finishes creating a tranquil atmosphere.

LocationJubilee Street, Brighton

Green zone improving indoor air quality

Interiors require more than just flat colours. Texture and tactility were fundamental to this scheme. The space has been equipped with locally sourced products, artwork and timeless materials of wood, rattan, leather and metal.

A return to humble materials

Every element of the office has been designed tactfully with a focus on craftsmanship.

Large glazed openings have been utilised as high work desks.

A discreet community kitchen blends in with the open plan scheme

A relaxed, comfortable office environment, like a home from home.

Mustard yellow meets deep blue in the meeting room alongside geometric wallpaper.

This Could be the Start of Something Beautiful