Georgian town house

The complete refurbishment of a Georgian house in London; the project involved some re-configuration of the layout, whilst creating authentic interior design to work aesthetically and practically for a busy family home.

With a rich jewel-toned colour palette, characterful details, an eclectic collection of art and books, the interior now embodies the spirit of Bloomsbury style, steeped in history but remaining relaxed and inviting.

LocationIslington, London

Bloomsbury art house

The family room leads onto the drawing room, the intensity of the contrasting wall colours brings a sense of drama. Colour was the starting point for each place, it was important to reflect what the client wanted to experience in the different spaces. Art played an important part too, as the second layer of colour.

Each room has its own narrative. The family room walls are painted in Azurite to emulate the client’s love of the deep blues of the Aegean Sea.

Modern chintz upholstery to add some playful interest.
A home that can grow with time.

The main inspiration came from the building itself and the client’s collection of art.

The design is organic, it reflects the lives and personalities of the owners. The mix of antique with midcentury, help tell a story.

Layers of pattern
textures and colour.

Amelia Heggie,
Founder, Studio Denim

This Could be the Start of Something Beautiful