Classical English style

Dundee House is Studio Denim’s first retirement living project in collaboration with Lilyford. The brief was to create a space that is safe and practical with the residents in mind but remain emphatically non-institutional.

A traditional modern English style has been championed. The overall look is a layered one that can be built upon by the owners and grow organically over time. The aesthetic of Dundee House references values of the past but gently evolved to embrace the modern ways we live now.

LocationBepton Road, Midhurst

Communal sitting room with coffee bar, library and honesty pantry

This space is both traditional and modern, unwavering in the face of fads and fashion. Influenced by country houses with large comfortable sofas and armchairs with higher seats for ease, relaxed ticking curtains and a central fireplace.

The open-plan kitchen has been designed for wheel chair access with low level seating around a central island. It was very important to include this space where older people can sit together, socialise, enjoy the different times of day and the variations in seasons. No area is zoned off but has internal glazed screens to other communal areas and large sash windows that open onto Midhurst, keeping a close connection to the local community.

Dundee House has been designed to connect with the outside world
Personal touches can be seen throughout the space.

House manager's study

A guest bedroom for relatives that live far way

A homely and cosy bedroom with en-suite shower thus allowing family and friends to stay in their own space.

This Could be the Start of Something Beautiful