Student Living

The second location for this group of student living, the Neighbourhood brands itself as “a home away from home” for students.

Located steps away from the university of Exeter, this new build retains a strong connection with the history and personality of Exeter.

The building consists of a large communal space with flexible layouts and whiteboard walls to encourage co-working, game and music rooms to allow the students to socialise and find inspiration.

CategoryStudent Accommodation
LocationExeter, UK

A home away from home

The Neighbourhood studios are designed with plenty of storage space, work and lounge areas. A neutral and earthy colour palette has been used in these areas to allow the student to make their individual stamp.

Cosy built in cabin style beds

Parquet floors with industrial touches.

The brief was to create an open plan space with multi purpose zones. The private kitchen can be zoned off with the use of the sliding crittal panels.

Crittal screens have been used to create a room within a room
Scandi task lighting.
Layered concept for the interior design.

Laid back furniture combined with some iconic pieces form the first layer which balances comfort, practicality and taste.

Street art murals, dynamic graphic imagery form the second layer.

Quirky details such as neon signs, giant light installations and oversized signage have been integrated into the scheme to invigorate the interior space.

Graphic patterns painted on walls have been used to help characterise different zones.

Good lighting was paramount to this project
Geometric patterns are featured from the architecture to the wallpaper

Jewel tone colours
have been used in the cinema, gold curtains, emerald cladded walls and ruby modular seating.

The cinema room needed to be multi functional, the modular seating can be moved to the gaming area and this rooms opens up as a dance/gym studio.

This space is imbued with atmospheric colours, from the teal walls to the rich red upholstery, that help strike visual interest and incite sociability.

Amelia Heggie
Founder, Studio Denim

This Could be the Start of Something Beautiful