Student Living

This is where it all started! Design ideals changed from revamping residential houses to taking on the responsibility of designing and installing a multi-functional space for people I had never met.

The Neighbourhood was born and Studio Denim was proud to be part of this multi faceted co-living concept that re-energised our business.

CategoryStudent Accommodation
LocationCardiff, UK

Village community

The name says it all, Neighbourhoods are the heartbeat of our wider communities. Without such appreciation and dedication for those around us we will never be willing to embrace those from afar.

Easy learning

The simple brief was to make different but potentially willing individuals live in harmony under one shared roof while incorporating all the tools and style that would enable friendships to form and grow.

It’s not just somewhere to live, it’s a lifestyle.
Texture and pattern were key to making a warm and inviting interior space.

Modern vintage living

A modern vintage style has been applied to the spaces at the Neighbourhood. It was important to create a lived-in-style with the right mix of old and new.

Spaces to think

Without a little vintage, shiny and modern interiors can seem soulless. When the two come together, interiors become unique and fresh.

Modern kitchens combined with vintage touches like antique mirror glass splash back.

Compact but with clever storage and plenty of lighting.

The bedroom areas are cosy with references to a New England beach house style.

Subway tiled New York style bathrooms

Hidden storage within the bed and mirrored wardrobes

A quiet haven.

Soft colours have been used throughout the studios but mixed with dark browns, such as the vintage leather desk chair and the oak flooring.

Bedrooms are personal places, so space has been provided to display the individual’s favourite things.

Amelia Heggie
Founder, Studio Denim

This Could be the Start of Something Beautiful